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The idea of such a drastic change can be overwhelming. But what if it was simple, cost-effective and allowed us to teach in the style we know and love? Ask us about our remote learning solutions today.



A simple and safe transition to virtual classes.


Bring your classroom back to life without disrupting your pedagogy and curriculum. Using these simple and familiar ways ways to teach and interact with your students online.


Content Sharing

You do not have to learn an entire new content sharing system. Use your school's current cloud based ecosystem, whether it’s Google Classroom, Moodle, Edmodo, Office365, ClassDojo etc...


Bring back face to face interaction with a USB camera and a laptop! Some cameras also come with the added benefit of an all-in-one microphone and speaker, delivering your class a quality learning experience.

Teaching remotely from School?

If you're conducting your virtual classes from school, why not hold classes on your Promethean ActivPanel!

Real Time Video


See all of your students beautiful faces, with the option to share your face and content at the same time! You may also want to conduct open hang out sessions, and welfare check ups!


We also suggest using  cameras  that are device agnostic. Zoom, Microsoft Teams and Skype are more flexible than Apple exclusive programs like Face-time.

Prerecorded Tutorials

Prerecording content allows students the flexibility to watch content at any time before the deadline. You can also record live classroom sessions that students can re-watch and catch up on!