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Promethean ActivPanel Comparison: LX, AP9, or AP9 Premium?

A comparison visual of the ActivPanel 9 Premium, ActivPanel LX, and ActivPanel 9

In the ever-evolving landscape of modern education, interactive displays have emerged as powerful tools that transform traditional classrooms into dynamic hubs of learning.

Promethean, a leading name in the realm of interactive technology, offers three compelling options that educators can choose from – the ActivPanel 9, ActivPanel 9 Premium, and ActivPanel LX. Each of these panels brings its own set of features and capabilities, but the choice between them hinges on the specific needs of your classroom.

Each of these panels comes equipped with a range of features that cater to diverse educational needs. Let's delve into a detailed comparison of these panels, focusing on key features that set them apart.

A comparison of the ActivPanel 9 Premium, ActivPanel 9, and the ActivPanel LX

1. Display Technology and Resolution:

When it comes to display quality, the ActivPanel 9 Premium stands out with advanced display technologies, offering 4K Ultra HD resolution. ActivPanel 9 is no slouch either, featuring 4K resolution, while the ActivPanel LX offers resolutions ranging from Full HD to 4K. Crisp visuals and vivid colors are common across all models.

2. Touch Technology:

Interactive displays thrive on touch capabilities. ActivPanel 9 Premium and ActivPanel 9 typically feature advanced touch technologies, supporting multi-touch and gesture recognition. ActivPanel LX is no exception, providing responsive touch functionality for interactive lessons, presentations, and collaboration. All three panels feature 20 continuous touchpoint differentiation, and can seamlessly differentiate between pen and touch.

3. Operating System and Software - A Crucial Consideration in the ActivPanel Comparison

The ActivPanel 9 Premium and ActivPanel 9 are equipped with compatible operating systems and software tailored for interactive whiteboard functionality. These features enable educators and presenters to create, present, and collaborate effortlessly. While the ActivPanel LX does not feature a built-in OS, it is compatible with external Android OPS systems that can also offers interactive software and a user-friendly interface to enhance interactivity.

A visual depiction of the ActivPanel LX with the Android OPS

Both the ActivPanel 9, and ActivPanel 9 Premium panels come with built in storage. While the ActivPanel 9 Premium features a powerful 6.5 GB RAM, with 64 GB storage, the ActivPanel 9 comes with an impressive 4 GB RAM, and 32 GB Internal storage. The ActivPanel LX on the other hand does not come with any internal storage, however, it can be outfitted with external storage effortlessly.

4. Audio Quality:

Sound quality is integral to the immersive experience. ActivPanel 9 Premium models feature improved audio systems, delivering high-quality sound through their 2 (18W) front facing speakers and an impressive 15 W subwoofer at the back. The ActivPanel 9 offers decent sound through its 2 (15W) front facing speakers, while the ActivPanel LX provides suitable audio for smaller spaces with its 2 (10W) speakers, making sure your audience can hear and engage effectively.

5. Essential Apps across the ActivPanel 9, 9 Premium, and ActivPanel LX:

The essential apps available for the ActivPanel 9 Premium, ActivPanel 9, and ActivPanel LX can significantly enhance interactivity and functionality in various settings. The ActivPanel 9 Premium includes educational software such as Promethean ActiveInspire, as well as support for Microsoft Office Suite, enabling educators to create, deliver, and assess dynamic lessons and presentations. Both the ActivPanel 9 Premium and the ActivPanel 9 offer essential classroom apps such as the whiteboard, spinner, timer.

The ActivPanel LX, while more cost-effective, does not come with these in-built apps. However, with an external Android OPS, these apps can be used on the LX as well.

6. Explain Everything Integration Across Promethean ActivPanel Models

While the Promethean ActivPanel 9 and Premium models boast seamless integration with Explain Everything, the LX model currently lacks this feature. This differentiation underscores the varying capabilities across the Promethean lineup. While the ActivPanel 9 and Premium models harness the power of Explain Everything to enhance interactive learning experiences, the LX model may offer distinct advantages suited to different educational needs.

The ActivPanel 9 Premium boasts additional qualities such as an NFC card for convenient sign-in, patented ActivSync capabilities, in-built microphone, 100W USB power delivery, and advanced palm rejection.

Ultimately, choosing the right ActivPanel model depends on your specific requirements, budget constraints, and the features that matter most to you. The ActivPanel 9 Premium is the top choice for those who demand top-notch display quality and advanced interactive features. The ActivPanel 9 is a strong option for interactive learning and presentations with good display quality and interactive functionality. Lastly, the ActivPanel LX is a cost-effective solution for those looking to harness interactive capabilities without breaking the bank.

Incorporating the right ActivPanel into your educational institution or corporate space can significantly enhance engagement, collaboration, and learning experiences. We hope that this ActivPanel comparison can help you make an informed choice and unlock the full potential of interactive displays for your setting.

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