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Enhancing Productivity with Wireless Video Conferencing: A JAK Audio Visual Case Study

WestWind Energy, a prominent wind energy provider in Australia, recently expanded its operations with a new office in Gisborne. Our recent collaboration presented an exciting opportunity to make a significant impact, as WestWind Energy sought a state-of-the-art wireless video conferencing system for their newly opened office.

This case study showcases how our expertise and dedication to customer satisfaction led us to implement a game-changing solution that transformed Westwind Energy's communication and collaboration capabilities.

The boardroom display with Crestron AirMedia
The boardroom display with Crestron AirMedia

When Westwind Energy first approached us, their primary challenge was finding a reliable video conferencing system that could keep up with their rapidly expanding business needs. They required a wireless solution that would allow seamless presentation sharing and collaboration across various devices, including laptops, tablets, and smartphones.

Our objective was to ensure a seamless integration of the Crestron AirMedia system with their existing AV infrastructure, which included projectors, displays, and audio systems.

We understood the significance of close collaboration, and we worked hand in hand with Westwind Energy's IT team throughout the entire installation process. After careful evaluation of their space and available options, our AV design and recommendations included equipment that seamlessly integrated into the pre-existing room infrastructure, such as:

Some of the equipment that was part of the AV design plan

In today's fast-paced business environment, efficiency is key to staying competitive. One of the most effective ways to boost productivity and streamline operations is by leveraging smart audio-visual (AV) technology in the workplace. The implementation of the Crestron AirMedia system had a transformative impact on Westwind Energy's communication and collaboration capabilities. Furthermore, to guarantee the successful adoption of the new technology, we provided comprehensive training sessions to all of Westwind Energy's employees.

With the system's wireless presentation capabilities, employees could now share presentations and collaborate on projects with unparalleled efficiency, leading to a substantial boost in overall productivity.

Our efforts to improve the user experience were met with resounding success, as employees commended the system's ease of use and reliability. The heightened engagement during video conferencing meetings translated into more productive discussions and efficient meetings, ultimately saving valuable time and resources for Westwind Energy. Our commitment to providing top-notch audio visual solutions and excellent customer service ensured a smooth and hassle-free installation process.

This case study serves as a testament to the impact of well-executed audio visual solutions in enhancing business operations and fostering seamless teamwork.

Discover what your office space can transform into with audio visual installations:



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