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Revolutionize Your Classroom with the ActivPanel 9

The ActivPanel 9 from Promethean is a state-of-the-art interactive display designed to elevate classroom learning and engagement. This interactive panel is an excellent tool for educators to deliver engaging, interactive lessons that enhance student learning and understanding.

Centre console of the Promethean ActivPanel 9 Premium

Here are some of the features and benefits of the ActivPanel 9:

  • Large, High-Definition Display: The ActivPanel 9 features a large 75-inch display that is capable of delivering stunning visuals in 4K resolution. The panel's crisp display is ideal for showcasing high-quality images and videos, making it a great tool for multimedia presentations and educational videos.

  • Touch and Pen Input: The ActivPanel 9 features both touch and pen input, making it easy for educators to interact with the panel and create engaging lessons. The panel's touch input allows educators to easily navigate through digital content, while the pen input enables them to write and draw on the panel in real-time.

  • Interactive Learning Tools: The ActivPanel 9 comes equipped with a wide range of interactive learning tools that enable educators to create engaging and interactive lessons. These tools include virtual manipulatives, polling, and collaboration tools, making it easy for students to actively participate in the learning process.

  • Integrated Sound System: The ActivPanel 9 comes with an integrated sound system that delivers clear and immersive audio. The panel's powerful speakers are ideal for playing educational videos and interactive multimedia content, making it easier for students to stay engaged and focused on the lesson.

  • Easy Integration: The ActivPanel 9 is designed to seamlessly integrate with existing educational technology and software, making it easy for educators to incorporate it into their lessons. The panel is compatible with a wide range of educational apps and tools, enabling educators to create custom lessons that meet their specific needs.

  • Enhanced Collaboration: The ActivPanel 9 features advanced collaboration tools that enable students to work together in real-time, promoting teamwork and problem-solving skills. These tools allow students to work on group projects and assignments, increasing student engagement and promoting deeper learning.

In conclusion, the ActivPanel 9 from Promethean is a powerful tool for educators looking to enhance their classroom learning experience. Its large, high-definition display, interactive learning tools, and collaboration features make it an excellent tool for delivering engaging, interactive lessons that promote student learning and understanding.



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