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JAK Audio Visual's Impact on East Doncaster Secondary School's Theatre

At JAK Audio Visual, we recently undertook an exciting project to transform the performing arts theatre at East Doncaster Secondary School.

Audio systems play a crucial role in the success of performing arts centre's in school. Therefore, from evaluating the space to designing a personalised AV system, supplying and installing the equipment, and collaborating with d&b audiotechnik for fine-tuning, our team was committed to positively transforming the audio visual experience at the school.

The performing arts theatre at East Doncaster Secondary School
The performing arts theatre at East Doncaster Secondary School

Step 1: Evaluation

As we embarked on this project, our first task was to conduct a comprehensive evaluation of the space where the new AV system would be installed. We visited East Doncaster Secondary School, carefully examining the layout, acoustics, and specific requirements of the area. By gaining a deep understanding of the existing infrastructure and the school's objectives, we were able to lay a solid foundation for the subsequent design process.

Models of the SPL (Sound Pressure Level mapping) we conducted to measure and visualise the sound pressure levels in a specific environment.

Step 2: AV System Design

With the insights gathered during the evaluation, our team set out to design a customised audio visual system that would cater to the unique needs of East Doncaster Secondary School.

Leveraging our expertise and industry knowledge, we meticulously created an AV design that aimed to deliver optimal sound quality, seamless integration, and an enhanced user experience.

It was during this phase that we recommended utilising d&b Audiotechnik products, renowned for their exceptional sound reproduction. Our AV design included equipment that seamlessly integrated into the pre-existing Crestron control system, such as:

Step 3: Supply of AV Equipment

Thanks to our extensive network of industry partners, we were able to procure the necessary components with ease. Keeping in line with our recommendation, the AV system design was finalised, and we took on the responsibility of sourcing and supplying the required audio visual equipment for the project, aligning with their requirements and long-term goals.

Here's how the right AV can transform your performance arts theatre:

Step 4: Installation Process

With all the equipment in our possession, our skilled installation team arrived at East Doncaster Secondary School to bring the design to life. This phase involved meticulous planning and execution to seamlessly integrate the new AV system within the existing infrastructure.

Our team worked diligently to install the audio visual components, making all the necessary connections and optimising the positioning for optimal sound dispersion and visual performance.

Allen & Heath mixing system we installed as part of the AV design
Allen & Heath mixing system we installed as part of the AV design

Step 5: Customisation and Fine-Tuning

At JAK Audio Visual, we believe in going the extra mile to ensure exceptional sound quality that is specifically tailored to the space. To achieve this, we partnered with d&b audiotechnik's engineers, who possess specialised expertise in optimising sound for different environments, and fine-tuned the audio system to account for room acoustics, reflections, and other variables. This meticulous customisation resulted in a truly immersive audio experience that exceeded the school's expectations.

At JAK Audio Visual, we take pride in delivering personalised and high-performance audio visual solutions. Our project at East Doncaster Secondary School exemplifies this commitment.

By evaluating the space, designing a tailored AV system, supplying top-notch equipment, and ensuring seamless installation and customisation, we successfully transformed the audio visual experience at the school. The result is an immersive and engaging environment that enhances learning, presentations, and other audio visual activities for students and staff alike.

Discover what your performance arts theatre can transform into with audio visual installations:



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